Thursday, 10 April 2008

Avoid credit card fraud – simple tips

Types of Fraud

Theft of the card
Card is stolen from your purse or wallet, and somebody pretends to be in order to use the card.

An employee of a shop (such as petrol station) puts your card into acard reader and steals the details of the card.

Card-not-present fraud
Details may be obtained from card theft, skimming or by viewing receipts. Items are then fraudulently obtained by buying over the phone, internet etc.


  1. When paying by card, keep it in sight.
  2. Check bank statements and flag anything you don't remember immediately.
  3. Keep your PIN numbers safe and never tell anyone
  4. Keep your cards safe,
  5. Only use secure, well-known internet sites when shopping online.
  6. Shred statements and receipts

Think you’re a victim? If so..

  • Call your card provider and get them to cancel the card
  • Check with a credit reference agency and make sure no fraudulent applications have been made.

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